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My love for user experience design stems from deep sense of empathy, passion for problem-solving, an eye for details and aesthetics, and appreciation for collaborative work.

As a child, I was inseparable from my pencil and paper, constantly observing and doodling. I'm grateful that even today, I still get to do the same! ✏️
It was during my first job as a QA at BNY Mellon after completing my engineering degree that I caught a glimpse of the enchanting world of user experience. It was then I realized that I could combine my creativity and knowledge to make meaningful contributions in this field.
Motivated by my childhood dream of attending a design school, I pursued a Master's degree in Graphics Design. During the campus placements, I secured a position as a UX Designer at Accenture, confirming that my long journey to become a designer had been entirely worthwhile.
Currently, I am employed at ZS Associates, where I engage in developing innovative business technology solutions to address various challenges.
One aspect of design process I enjoy is the creation and documentation of Design Systems. I have been fortunate enough to actively contribute to this area in both of my previous job experiences as a designer.

Beyond my professional endeavours, I find joy in traveling, working out, sketching, immersing myself in good music, and indulging in delicious sushi and pad thai! 😄

A glimpse into my life & artwork

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Whether you want to discuss the latest design trends, share exciting ideas, or just want to say hi, I'm all ears!


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